Swift Essentials: Key Benefits of Swift Development

Swift is the trending programming language for economical iOS mobile app development. This language helps in developing applications for various Apple devices. It is quite hard for any language to become one of the top programming languages, and yet, Swift became one of the top ten in just four years from the introduction to the world. Why is the world moving towards Swift development? Why is it advantageous to choose Swift for developing iOS apps? Here are the top benefits of using Swift for mobile app development services.



In 2015, the Swift re-entered into the market as an open-source language. The Swift library holds higher functionality, making it easier to build and share codes in the community. Beginners can get help from advanced developers regarding fixes, bugs, new features, and so on. Since it is an open-source language, it is evolving with time and trend.



Swift code is easier to write and read. It has a much simpler syntax, which uses the For-In method. Swift is quite different from C. It uses very little code and clear syntax. The error incidence is much lower in Swift than in C.


Easy maintenance

C has to maintain two files at the same time. In Swift, the implementation and header files are just one file. This feature makes it much easier to use in functional areas.



Swift is now one of the fastest languages to deploy. Thus it is easier to build cheap iOS apps in Swift. According to calculations, it is 2.6 times faster than C and 8.4 times faster than developing apps with Python 2.7.



Although Swift and C are different, Swift is interoperable with C. This makes it easier for developers to import codes from C to build Swift mobile apps using Swift Syntax.


Less error incidence

It is easier and faster to build iOS mobile apps in Swift as the number of bugs and errors is much lesser. It helps to keep efficiency up and reduce manual-intensive redundant checking.


Device compatibility

When developers develop Swift mobile apps, they can implement it on other iOS devices like Mac, Apple Watch, iPad, and others. Swift also supports Windows and Linux devices.


Dynamic libraries

Swift has the advantage of dynamic libraries. The common advantage known to the user is the ability to update the OS without the need for uninstalling. The dynamic libraries help in linking a version of the app to another. This ability helps to reduce the overall size of the app.



Playgrounds are a learning platform, which helps learners and developers to write and test code. The platform helps to initiate learning with the help of visualization. Developers can use these to speed up the cycle.

Swift is faster, less prone to coding errors, reduces manual-intensive troubleshooting incidences, has a high-featured library, and compatibility (devices and languages). These features combine to make Swift, a high performing language for today’s developers. These are some of the benefits that induce developers to shift to Swift. Many Apple competitors are also in the race to adopt Swift to create iOS-like performance and look.

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